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Lost In Translation: One Confusing Afternoon In Yangon

“The wind blows from North to South!”

“The wind blows from North to South.”

Lost On A Long Bus Ride

When I was a young girl, I’d catch moments of mom getting lost in her own thoughts. Sometimes while she drank her coffee or methodically ate her dinner, her eyebrows would scrunch up to form a little hill between her eyes. I could see the gears turning in her head; she drifts off into the distance.

There Are Little Black Dots At My Workplace

There are little black dots at my workplace.

They crawl next to me, little black dots the size of a full stop moving their tiny legs feverishly on the wall to my right.

She slams. She smacks her chair hard. She slaps the table with a thunderous clap that would shatter a thousand chandeliers.