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Most people call me Mei. Hi :) I’d shake your hand, but there’s a screen between us, so here’s a virtual high-five *high-five*!


Travel stole my heart and never gave it back.

I first started travelling when I was 18 when I went to Colorado for a four-month Working Holiday stint. That was when adventure become my drug. I needed to meet different people; I craved new experiences; I didn’t feel at home until I was away from home. And so I saved up as much money as I could and flew miles around the world to get my fix. I volunteered in Mauritius, backpacked the Middle East solo, cleaned animal cages in Indonesia, worked with Orang Asli in Terengganu’s rainforest, translocated wild elephants in Kelantan and quit my job to climb mountains in New Zealand.

My travel style? Backpacking solo. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not easy for a girl to travel solo, especially if you’re Asian and female. Nonetheless, it has been the best learning curve and most defining experience for me. I want to use my stories to empower other women to overcome their fears of travelling.

I am honestly, just a regular Malaysian girl trying to fulfill her insane hunger for travel. I am not one of those extraordinary travel bloggers you read about on the internet – I can’t afford to become a full-time traveller, I don’t have the physical ability to cycle around the world, I’m not crazy enough to hitchhike between continents. I am just like you, a regular person figuring out how to fit a life of travel between the filial Asian commitments of work, family, and a retirement fund.Mei Mei Chu

Meimeichu.com is a concoction of my passion: backpacking, storytelling, collecting experiences and everything in between. For me, travelling is not about seeing a new place, but a journey of learning. Travelling is my post-graduate education. The memories of my adventures of some of my most valuable treasures, I hope it inspires you to embark on an adventure of your own.

Okay, this talking about myself thing is getting awkward, so here’s a silly little poem to end with:

In the mornings, I’m a day dreamer, by nights I’m a mermaid;
Most days I’m a wanderer, the travel bug’s my aid;
My pores soak up what I feel and see,
the sound, smell, taste of any degree;
I travel to places far and wide,
some days in my head, others in my stride;
No matter who I meet, who knows where I’ll land;
The fun part’s the guessing, with a pen in my hand.

This travel blog by your regular wanderlusted Malaysian girl is a result of that concoction. I hope you enjoy reading this mixture of giddy travels and lucid imaginations!



Featured Speaker


Marie France Asia, July 2016


The Sun Daily, Oct 2016

PopClub Magazine, March 2018



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  1. Jan

    December 14, 2013 at 4:46 am

    Interesting Mei :)

    • meimeichu

      December 30, 2013 at 5:59 pm

      Thank you Jan! :)


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