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The Beach Is Not For Everyone

I was immersing into my own world, floating in the cold South China Sea water when two boys in their early 20s approached me. They were trying to stay afloat in their red life vests.

Cut to most “interesting” part of the conversation:

“Is there a club or a place to party on this island?” 

“No, it’s a really small island. No clubs, but you could get beers at this restaurant here.”

“So… What can you do here?”

“It’s the beach.”

“What do you usually do here?”

“It’s the beach. You can swim, can snorkel, sleep, read a book…”

“Yeah we’ve snorkelled. What else is there to do?”

“It’s the beach. You can just hang out.”

“Oh, that’s it ah?” They gave me a look of soul-crushing disappointment.

“It’s. the.  beach.” I flapped my arms up and down in an attempt to indicate how bloody  beautiful this damn beach is. Look around you! Don’t you see how breathtaking this place is!? Feel it, breath it, enjoy it!!! My arms continued to flail in exasperation.

“Ah, okay.. So that’s it…”

“It’s, the beach…..”

My flailing arms failed. So as it seems, the beach is not for everyone.

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