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The Penknife Story

Dad told mom I was crying like a baby when it happened. He was right, I was bawling like the biggest 23-year-old baby in the world. 

Every Morning I Dance With My Grandma

Every morning while I get ready for work, I would see my Ah Ma sitting in the rattan chair at our front porch, enjoying the early morning wind. Her eyes stare blankly at the moving traffic; her mind replaying the days of her youth.

Meet Mermaid Mei Mei, She’s On A Mission

I’m a “real” mermaid. I swim, I dive, I twirl and jive. A lot of you asked me what this whole mermaid-ing thing is about, this is the story of my fishy business.

A Syrian Once Told Me

Don’t you want to go home for good? I asked.

I Buried A Bird Today

I buried a dead bird today.

She must have fallen from the sky.

How the Unforgiving Sea Decided My Grandfather’s Fate

“You were born in China, right?” “No. My passport says China, but I was born in Panipahan, Indonesia,” Chu replied nonchalantly. The revelation was dumbfounding.

The Haze And The Homeless

“You’re going to buy N95 facemasks at RM7.50 per piece for the homeless? Aiyerr, homeless people give the cheap, normal facemasks enough already la.”

I was rudely taken aback by my friend’s remark when I sincerely told her of my intention to help the homeless people of Klang and Port Klang have a better night’s sleep as the hazardous haze started to choke us.

The Bucket List

Ticking off my bucket list, one adventure at a time.