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My Favouritest Thing To Travel With

One of my favourite things is my trusty backpack. It wasn’t expensive, it’s tearing at the sides, but it has brought me places near, far and wide.. He was there with me on my first ever trip, his zippers trying very hard to not bust open from the amateurly packed excessive clothes. He was there when I found the secret formula to the amount of pants needed, and he was grateful to go on a diet when I learnt to roll my clothes.

Photo from Matthias Verschueren

Dad bought this 50L “NorthFace” bag when he was in Cambodia, and he was so proud of it. Little did he know that it would lead to many disapproving head shakes every time I had the bag strapped on my shoulders.

My heart sinks every time I to stuff my bagpack back into the dark scary closet. We whisper a little good bye and promise to see each other soon. Every time I pull him out from the closet again we reunite like old lovers, I pull his zippers and my heart makes a little skip of tender joy…

Backpack o’ backpack, how many adventures have we had?


How I Accidentally Became A Cross-dresser In Somaliland

Guest Post: Zaina Brown

Crossing a border into someplace new always gave me a jolt of excitement. That first impression could be warm like a hug, polite like a handshake, or rude like a middle finger. Somaliland, however, felt like a punch in the face. Was this whole trip a big mistake? For the first time in my life, I considered flat-out giving up on a country – and it hadn’t even been 24 hours.

Why Egypt Should Be In Your 2019 Travel Plans

When Malaysia Airline’s inflight magazine Going Places asked me to recommend where their readers should travel to in 2019, I thought long and hard. Among all the countries I have backpacked, what is the one place I would recommend my friends and family to go? Where is the one travel destination that I would gladly return to?

Egypt. My heart is yearning for fascinating African nation of Egypt.