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The Toughest Decision To Make When Planning Your Travels

A book is the best travel buddy you can have. A book doesn’t whine when he’s tired. He doesn’t bitch about getting lost. He doesn’t argue  on whether to stay in or check out a bar. In the guest house  or under a coconut tree, a book will follow whatever good and bad decisions your impulses desire.

Which book shall be my travel companion?

Which book shall be my travel buddy?

A book is the best travel buddy. But, choosing the perfect book is the toughest decision to make. Murakami, Khaled Hosseini or Jeffrey Eugenides?

I’d stare at my buffet of books for hours. Days; when I’m exploring a new author. It’s a commitment. I’d hold each book in my hands and scrutinise them. His synopsis, his blurbs, his spine in my palms, his weight, his size. I’d pick a lucky one and put him amongst the half-folded clothes in my backpack. I’d sleep on it, and wake up the next day ready to discard him for a new book.

Pick the right book and your imagination will join you on your adventure. He becomes your companion before  slumber; your best friend when you’re lonely; your wingman to meet that cute guy who is reading Stephen King (And a good wingman will always tell you never to flirt with the guy reading Paolo Coelho, doesn’t matter how cute he is).

Pick the wrong book and all that idle time waiting for buses and planes become time trickled down the drain. He becomes that friend whose company you pretend to enjoy; unnecessary weight on your shoulders; a waste of precious space.

A book can be the best travel buddy, so choose wisely.

How I Accidentally Became A Cross-dresser In Somaliland

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Crossing a border into someplace new always gave me a jolt of excitement. That first impression could be warm like a hug, polite like a handshake, or rude like a middle finger. Somaliland, however, felt like a punch in the face. Was this whole trip a big mistake? For the first time in my life, I considered flat-out giving up on a country – and it hadn’t even been 24 hours.

Why Egypt Should Be In Your 2019 Travel Plans

When Malaysia Airline’s inflight magazine Going Places asked me to recommend where their readers should travel to in 2019, I thought long and hard. Among all the countries I have backpacked, what is the one place I would recommend my friends and family to go? Where is the one travel destination that I would gladly return to?

Egypt. My heart is yearning for fascinating African nation of Egypt.