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The Type Of Friends You Make When Travelling Solo

What kind of friends do I make when I travel solo?

Good ones. Real ones. Beautiful ones.

The ones you don’t see often, but will travel halfway across the globe to spend time with.

The ones who you don’t know what’s happening in their life, but you think about often.

The ones who never text you, but send you postcards from their travels.

The ones who will always have a couch for you to crash on, who’ll send you photos of that restaurant you ate at together, just to say hi. The ones you share inside jokes with, who know everything and nothing about you. The ones you can go crazy with. The ones you can cry to. The ones who doesn’t judge.

Loving ones. Lifelong ones. Deep ones.

The ones who become your confidant.

The ones whose wedding you’d fly to attend.

The ones you poured your heart out to.

The ones you plan adventures with, who introduced you to their family and friends. The ones you’d trust all your money and passport with, who know things your childhood friend doesn’t, whose life you wished you had. The ones you admire. The ones who taught you new things, opened your mind, filled your soul.

Ephemeral ones. Painful ones. Heartbreaking ones.

The ones who had to leave.

The ones you had to leave.

The ones you will never see again, never speak to again. The ones you wished didn’t live so damn far. The ones you were glad you met, even if you don’t remember their names. The ones you love. The ones who broke your heart. The ones you’ll never forget.

Unexpected ones. Unforgettable ones.

The ones you keep in touch with.

The ones you lost touch with.

The ones who made you a better person. The ones who become your soul sister, your kindred spirit, brother from another mother. The ones you’ll always remember, cherish forever. The ones you keep in your heart and hope to God you will see again.


Dedicated to all the special people we met on our soul-searching adventures, who changed our lives, our minds, and filled our soul. <3

Feel free to tag them in the comments section or share this story with them to say “Hello, I’ve missed you.” :)

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