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What Happens When Wanderlust Hits You

What happens when Wanderlust hits you, and you contract the travel bug?

It’s an itch you can’t stop scratching, a shiver you can’t shake off, a condition you do not want to cure.

Haze swallows Singapore, but we still travel

Wanderlust can consume you at varying degrees, symptoms include:
– restlessness when not on the go
– ceaseless daydreaming of possible adventures
– passionate conversations on travelling
– heightened sensitivity to new flight routes and cheap flights
– studying the world map to discover new destinations
– severe nostalgia from flashbacks of previous adventures
– brainstorming of ways to have a career in travelling, or work and travel at the same time
– the need, not want, to go to that amazing looking place in the pictures

Severe Wanderlust happens when the brain is fully occupied by the notion of travel. Patients experience flashbacks from previous travels and relive the zens and highs of their adventures, resulting in a need to explore foreign places and meet new people. Patients may experience out of body travel episodes when the body is stationary but the soul is at a beach, forest, or a quaint little town. This occurrence may soothe the patient and should not be disturbed by trivial matters, except food.

Guys, I’m hit by the Wanderlust, and I’ve got it bad. I was painting the other day, and I drew a dragonfly. I switched off my brain to let the creative juices flow and before I knew it, my dragonfly turned into the sea. My soul took over my hands and painted what it felt. I shouldn’t be too surprised though, I’ve always suspected that my soul is living it up on an island somewhere while I’m here with my plastic toys.

Boxfish at Sunset

Wanderlust can be dangerous when all you want to do is experience the world but you feel like you are stuck in a prison cell and its wardens are money, and commitment. Suffocating the inner voice that whispers “go forth and beyond, you adventurer!” is one of the most damaging thing you can do to your soul.

Fret not if you have the travel bug for Wanderlust can be the most amazing thing to have flowing in your blood. When you transform that need to travel into a mission, you have something to work for, something to look forward to and something that motivates you through the daily mundane tasks of life. When you have that ticket to nowhere in particular in your hands, all those of years of back-breaking, soul-sucking, hell-raising 9 to 5 routine is worth every single sighs in the mornings. Just when you think you are losing your essence, you go on your 2 week trip and you return with a better reflection of who you are and what you want to be. Then it’s back to reality but now you are ready and excited for another 365 days of hard work until your next trip!

What better way to live a life than a life filled with passion? And Wanderlust is a pretty awesome one to embrace. You see that light at the end of the rickety tunnel? Wanderlust will guide you to the pot of amazing travel stories at the end of the rainbow.

So go forth and beyond, you adventurer, transform your wanderlust into the energy to make something amazing of yourself!

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