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Conversations With Strangers In New Zealand – Part 1

One of the sweetest parts about travelling is meeting the locals, having a chat with them, and learning about their lives.

Turning My Resting Bitch Face Into A Secret Travelling Tool

“Mei, are you okay? You look sad.”
“Mei, why are you angry?”
“Mei, my intern is scared of you. She says you look fierce.” 

A Super Intense Family Trip: Stuck In A Campervan Together For 6 Days

I don’t know what my second brother was thinking when he decided that it would be a good idea to put mum, dad, and the both of us in a confined space together for six days.

Why I Quit My Job And Flew To New Zealand For Half A Year

Here I am writing under a red-headed tree, enjoying the perfect winter weather – sunny with a crisp, cooling breeze.

The Bucket List

Ticking off my bucket list, one adventure at a time.

10 Crazy Things I Achieved In 2013 Thanks To The Travel Bug

1. Gave myself scars with a story to tell in Phuket, Thailand

What Happens When Wanderlust Hits You

What happens when Wanderlust hits you, and you contract the travel bug?

It’s an itch you can’t stop scratching, a shiver you can’t shake off, a condition you do not want to cure.

6 Reasons Why Travelling Is The Best Education You Can Get

I started travelling, not holidays, not getaways, but really travelling when I was 18. It started in US with a brother and a job, it escalated to Mauritius with a group of strangers and a volunteer stint, and then it evolved to the Middle East with a backpack and a guide book. I gave my heart to the wonders of travel and I never really got it back.