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This Is The Most Beautiful National Park Of All Taiwan


People say if you’ve not visited Taroko Gorge National Park, you’ve not seen Taiwan. They say she’s the most beautiful place of all Taiwan, and they are quite right. On day 4, I met her. I stared at her, I breathed in her scent, I took in her glorious beauty. She looked back at me shyly and smiled, and with open arms she invited me to explore the curves of her cliffs…

HUALIEN Is The Wallflower Of Taiwanese Towns


Yesterday’s long walk in Taipei took a toll on me. Thankfully, I had time to take a long nap to recharge my batteries. Next stop: East Taiwan.

6 Tips And A Great Itinerary You Need To Know Before Travelling To TAIWAN

For a small country, Taiwan has an INSANE amount of National Parks, National Scenic Areas, Lakes, Hot Springs and Night Markets to offer. The Taiwan Tourism Board REALLY love the word scenic and it gets rather overwhelming. You’ll know why later.

I Thought Backpacking In Taiwan Would Be Boring, I Was Wrong

I’ll be honest to tell you that I was a teeny bit skeptical about backpacking in Taiwan. Amazing shopping? The only shopping I do is picking through my sister-in-law’s hand me downs. Culture? Taiwan is as Chinese as my Grandfather’s extensive China teapot collection.