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The Toughest Decision To Make When Planning Your Travels

A book is the best travel buddy you can have. A book doesn’t whine when he’s tired. He doesn’t bitch about getting lost. He doesn’t argue  on whether to stay in or check out a bar. In the guest house  or under a coconut tree, a book will follow whatever good and bad decisions your impulses desire.

The Bucket List

Ticking off my bucket list, one adventure at a time.

10 Crazy Things I Achieved In 2013 Thanks To The Travel Bug

1. Gave myself scars with a story to tell in Phuket, Thailand

My Most Favourite Thing To Travel With

One of my favourite things is my trusty backpack. It wasn’t expensive, it’s tearing at the sides, but it has brought me places near, far and wide.. He was there with me on my first ever trip, his zippers trying very hard to not bust open from the amateurly packed excessive clothes.

What Happens When Wanderlust Hits You

What happens when Wanderlust hits you, and you contract the travel bug?

It’s an itch you can’t stop scratching, a shiver you can’t shake off, a condition you do not want to cure.