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Clients & Colleagues

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Founder of Zafigo: 
Mei has been a valuable asset to us at Zafigo especially because she helps us navigate this new digital world that we all have to live in. She’s also very open to learning, especially when I take my proofreading pen out, which is a rarity these days. Will miss having her wafting in and out the office. :)

Alexandra Wong, The Star columnist, author and award-winning writer:
“There are natural writers, fast writers, writers with a keen sense of responsibility and respect for deadlines, writers with the confidence and maturity to suggest process improvements, writers who understand that sometimes clients change job scopes and the good ones can rise to the occasion without bucking under pressure. Rarely do you find all these qualities in one person, and Mei is that exception.”

James Chong, Strategy & Development at Zafigo and Chief Calibrator at webe community:
“Mei listens and works towards making things happen as a team with an open, inquisitive and sharp mind, and she writes and contributes with heart and sincerity. Working with her is both a privilege and a joy.”

Judith Yeoh, Head of Content and Editorial at SAYS:
“You put your heart and soul into every story you’ve ever written on SAYS, and I’m so proud of you. What you’ve achieved, what you’ve taught the team, what you’ve helped to shape, what you’ve helped SAYS achieve in the past two years. We couldn’t have been up on the comScore chart if you weren’t a part of it.
You’re 1. Strong, 2. Laser focused, 3. Smart, 4. Quick, 5. An inspiration to the younger girls here.”

Daryll Tan, Co-Founder & Director of OpenMinds™ Resources:
Mei is free-spirited, the best kind. As a writer / content curator, she leverages on her vast adventures in life and professional experiences; infusing wit and logic into her writing. Quick on her feet, she delivers creative and relative content in the stipulated time; always respecting deadlines. Mei’s a go-getter, smart, professional and versatile; adding spice in her personality and content she produces. Always good to have a talent that challenges the norm and shifts mindsets.”

Hew Lee Yee, Brand Content Specialist at SAYS:
“Thank you, Mei for being an awesome mentor and teaching me things I couldn’t possibly learn from college! You’re such an inspiration to me and I really admire your crazy determination and tenacity. You’re also like crazy wise beyond your years lah. How lah you do that?”

More testimonials from my colleagues at SAYS: Just A Few Of The Reasons Why We Love And Will Miss Mei Mei Chu <3

Readers’ comments 

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On The Haze and The Homeless:
“A great thanks for sharing your experience with our Klang team. The greatest challenge we face in this work we do is to create the awareness that these folks are not drug addicts, criminals, foreigners, etc. Only by changing societies perception can we really make the change for good that is needed. Articles like this helps spread the correct awareness of who these guys that we serve every single day in Klang and KL really are.  And we thank you for that,” Pete Nicoll, Founder of Reach Out Malaysia.

On 11 Answers That Will Help You Understand The Big 1MDB And Jho Low Conspiracy:
“That’s one complicated scandal but simply explained in plain words. Thumbs up :). Previously, I do not quite understand the involvement of Jho Low and the intricate issues that underpin 1MDB’s cash flow, plus why I as laymen should even bother,” Laman Rumah.

On Why I Chose To Return To Malaysia When I Had My Dream Life Overseas:
“Malaysia, you taught me to become a tireless, hardworking machine to never stop reaching until I achieve my successes. The work culture in New Zealand *in my case, Australia* may be a million times better (read: dramatically better work-life balance), yet my gut tells me that it is more possible to achieve my goals here…Thank you for being the voice I needed to support my decision to come home,” Anndrea Lye.

On How Did Nine Months Travelling New Zealand Change Me?:
“Great article, I really enjoy reading your post. Once again you inspired me to go out explore. keep writing, keep inspiring!” Wong Jiun Yi

On A Pilot, Cabin Crew And Aircraft Engineer Reveal What They Love Most About Their Jobs
“Brilliant piece of writing!”Megat Arizal, Malaysia Airlines pilot.