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Interview: An Overview Of Travelling The Polynesian Kingdom Of Tonga

When I first started scribbling daydream and stories on this little site, it was for myself. I didn’t realise little curious ears at BFM89.9, the business radio station, were tuning in as well.

Imagine my surprise when they invited me to share my adventures on their weekly travel show – Ticket To Ride!


I was a big bunch of nerves come interview day! Luckily the segment was pre-recorded. I spoke to the segment’s producer and host Azura Rahman about an adventure so dear to my heart, I had it inked on my arm.

“A Polynesian kingdom comprising of 170 islands, the Kingdom of Tonga is the home to beautiful wonders, unspoilt beauty, pristine beaches, stunning coral atolls, active volcanoes and untouched rainforests and an abundance of marine life. Mei Mei Chu shares with us her swimming tale with the humpback whales of ‘The Friendly Islands’.”

Listen to my interview on BFM 89.9’s Ticket To Ride here:


This podcast was originally posted on BFM: The Business Station.

Truth be told, Tonga was never supposed to happen. It was an island I didn’t even know existed. I was in the midst of buying a ticket to Fiji as a short visa-run for New Zealand. I was so excited for a diving escapade. Five minutes before Air New Zealand’s Pacific Island sale ended, I switch course like the wind and ended up clicking on Tonga.

I don’t know how or why that happened. The only thing I knew about Tonga was it has humpback whales.

Best decision ever. That was how I ended up spending an afternoon with Humpback Whales, living with villagers for a week, and falling in love with the Polynesian culture.


That’s a big story to pen in a different post and one that I promise will come in due time! For now, you’ll have to do with me gushing my heart out about whales on BFM.


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